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Welcome To Behsud restaurant!

Behsud is a traditional family-owned Afghan restaurant located in the heart of beautiful and historic Prague. We pride ourselves in a warm and inviting atmosphere, quality service and very tasty cuisine for your enjoyment. We have a strong dedication to customer service and meeting our guests' expectations each and every time they visit us. We offer fresh Afghan cuisine at very affordable rates.

Experience the cuisine of Afghanistan and be instantly taken away to exotic lands of wonderful flavors. We aim to take you for an adventurous journey to our beautiful lands by the tasteful meals we offer. We invite you to come and experience our well prepared authentic dishes from the very history of Afghanistan.

We offer a complete menu of variety of fresh meats, vegetables and rice dishes. More than 20 herbs and spices are used to create delicious dishes. In accordance with our dining traditions, all our dishes are freshly made on daily bases. If you appreciate a good food and a great warm, friendly atmosphere, then you need to visit Behsud restaurant. Our staff will make sure to make your dining experience unforgettable.

Great pleasures await you in Behsud restaurant! We are very much looking forward to welcoming you!

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Our Menu

Fresh & Homemade


  1. 79 CZK

    "Badenjan-e Siah"

    Roasted eggplant

    Roasted eggplant with vegetables, garlic and dried mint yogurt dressing, 2pcs of homemade afghan bread.

  2. 79 CZK


    Lady finger

    Cooked okra with vegetables in tomato sauce, 2pcs of homemade afghan bread.

  3. 69 CZK



    Spinach cooked on garlic with leek and mungo beans, 2pcs of homemade afghan bread.

  4. 65 CZK


    Red lentils sauce

    Cooked red lentils with garlic and ginger, 2pcs of homemade afghan bread.


  1. 49 CZK

    Red lentils soup

    With garlic and ginger.

  2. 49 CZK

    Chicken soup

    Chicken soup

  3. Soup of the day

    Soup of the day


  1. 89 CZK

    "Afghan Baghlava" 2pcs

  2. 79 CZK

    "Goshe phil" 3pcs

    Pastries strewn with icing sugar, pistachio and cardamom.

  3. 59 CZK

    "Shirpira" 1pcs

    "Afghan chocolate" made of full-creamed milk powder with pistachios and walnuts

Main Dishes

  1. 279 CZK

    Lamb kebab 200g

    Grilled soaked lamb meat, side dish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  2. 295 CZK

    Lamb cutlet 200g

    Grilled soaked lamb cutlet, side dish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  3. 249 CZK

    "Shami" 200g

    Lamb kebab

    Grilled soaked minced lamb meat, side dish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  4. 229 CZK

    "Shami" 200g

    Beef kebab

    Grilled soaked minced beef, side dish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  5. 189 CZK

    Beef griddle-cake 200g

    Prepared on pan: minced beef, soaked in a unique variation of spices and vegetables, side dish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  6. 180 CZK

    Chicken kebab 200g

    Grilled soaked chicken meat, garnish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  7. 195 CZK

    Turkey kebab 200g

    Grilled soaked turkey meat, garnish, chutney, pomegranate molasses.

  8. 195 CZK

    Mantu 200g

    Pockets filled with minced spiced beef, topped with yogurt, drop of olive oil and sprinkled with dried mint.

  9. 185 CZK

    Beef Qorma Chalaw 200g

    Beef long cooked in a tomato sauce, steamed spiced basmati rice.

  10. 289 CZK

    "Kabuli Palaw" 200g

    Specialty !

    Afghan celebratory dish consisting of steamed, spiced rice mixed with slowly cooked lamb meat and caramelized raisins and carrot.

Side dishes

  1. 69 CZK

    Afghan salad

  2. 49 CZK

    Afghan bread 4pcs

    Afghan homemade bread with garlic cilantro butter.

  3. 75 CZK

    Basmati rice

    Steamed, spiced afghan basmati rice.

  4. 49 CZK

    French fries

    Seasoned with garlic and fresh cilantro.



0,3l 0,5l
Bernard 11° 29 CZK 37 CZK

Non-alcoholic beer

Bernard Free Plum 30 CZK
Bernard Free Jantar 30 CZK


Chivas Regal 80 CZK
Jameson 60 CZK
Johnnie Walker Black Label 80 CZK
Jack Daniel's 70 CZK
Jack Daniel's Honey 70 CZK
Tullamore De 60 CZK


Vodka Russian Standard Original 70 CZK
Vodka Russian Standard Platinum 90 CZK
Absolut Vodka 65 CZK
Finlandia Vodka 65 CZK

Other alcoholic beverages

Becherovka 55 CZK
Gin Beefeater 60 CZK
Jägermeister 60 CZK
Tequila Olmeca Blanco Silver 69 CZK
Tequila Olmeca Reposado Gold 69 CZK
Rum Legendario Elixir de Cuba 65 CZK
Rum Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 45 CZK

Wine - White

1,25dcl 0,75l
Ryzlink vlašský 2016

Moravia - Czech Republic – Mikrosvín
White wine with juicy notes of dried pineapple and
strawberries. Full bodied, elegant and balanced

57 CZK 329 CZK

Wine - Red

1,25dcl 0,75l
Syrah - Merlot 2015

France - Maison Brotte - Reserve de l'Aube Rouge VdP
Dry white wine with typical varietal notes of young
walnuts. Juicy, mineral taste with crispy acidity.

61 CZK 359 CZK


Cava Jaume Serra 220 CZK

Non-alcoholic drinks


5dcl 1l
Mint-Lime fusion

(water, fresh mint, lime)

39 CZK 69 CZK

Afghan homemade yogurt drink

55 CZK
(yogurt, cucumber, mint, salt)

Hot drinks

Green tea with cardamom 45 CZK
Black tea with cardamom 45 CZK
Mint tea 39 CZK
Afghan black coffie with cardamom 49 CZK

Coca Cola 330ml 40 CZK
Coca Cola Light 330ml 40 CZK
Fanta Orange 330ml 40 CZK
Sprite 330ml 40 CZK
Kinley Ginger Ale 250ml 40 CZK
Nestea Ice Tea (Peach) 200ml 35 CZK
Nestea Ice Tea (Lemon) 200ml 35 CZK
Bonaqua (sparkling) 250ml 30 CZK
Bonaqua (still) 250ml 30 CZK
Cappy juice 100% (Orange) 200ml 45 CZK
Cappy juice 100% (Apple) 200ml 45 CZK

Behsud is a family restaurant, so you will be treated as it is your own home!

Our Staff

To Your Satisfaction

Staff Member Thumbnail

Najib & Hameda Rakin

Chefs / Co-Owners

Fresh and great quality goods are our secrets! Come and taste yourself!

Staff Member Thumbnail

Hamid Rakin

Manager / Co-Owner

My responsibility is to take care of your satisfaction. You can always rely on me!

Staff Member Thumbnail

Iliyasa Sagar Rakin

Sales and Marketing Manager

If you wish to have a gourmet experience and be taken care of as our family member then visit us. We will make sure to meet your wishes.

Staff Member Thumbnail

Donia Rakin

Designer / Waitress

Tasteful design is an integral part of succesful business.

We are honored to present you a rich, homemade and tasteful Afghan cuisine.

Experience colourfulness of Afghan cuisine, willingness of family atmosphere, tastes you have never experienced.